So what is all that Life Art - Concept - stuff about?

Well, just look down below to get an idea...Wink

E. FlowerS - LightintheDark- Video

SoundsWithAlternativeTouch - LightintheDark

A MiSterious and soft- ending year 2015
for all our friends, followers, lill one's
(C) 2015 by SoundsWithAlternativeTouch

Also the Life Art - Concept - here an example created for our drummer R. Meshs former G+ page.

Also part of the Life Art - Concept - here another example.

Photo combined with the L.A-C- Logo.

To get involved and be an officially signed member of the LA-C- Team contact one of us via red- socials, means: to get involved, involve, tell us how you want to support us and become a certified member in good standing.

ME. FlowerS

We are the authors, and we own all rights.